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into the upper 60s. 66 downtown. dc at 67. these temperatures will continue to fall during the course of the evening. low 30s for tonight. we have a big game tonight at the stadium. 64 degrees. clear skies. not mild, but cooling down. we'll be into the 50s as we end the overnight hours. hour by hour overcast going to 49. >>> he survived a shooting on the first day of school and now he is out of the hospital. he greeted people to show up for a special fund-raiser in his honor. cheryl connor was there as an end of summer party got a chance to do something good for this tough young man. >> reporter: out on the pier fitted with a life jacket, he goes with his parents and siblings. this is far from the doctors where he spent two weeks recovering from a gunshot at perry haul high on the first day of school. we got to follow his boat on a ride he has never had before. it takes about ten minutes to get to the island where he waves to the boaters who are here for him. >> he was smiling and really loved it when she got wet. >> reporter: it was planned for this day, but they turned it into a fu
. >> (♪ ♪) . >> es hora del noticiero en español más premiado noticias univisión fin de semana . >> en alerta la policía de san francisco tras dos días de disturbios en la zona de la región . >> se reúnen madres en california por un camino de por la paz . >> y el piolin llega al área de la bahía ppara luchar por la justicia . >> noticias univisión 14 comienza yab n. >> buenas tardes bienvenido a noticias univisión 14 fin de semana . >> tras intensos tiroteos en okland los residentes llaman a la acción, y declararon este fin de semana en honor por la paz . >> así es, la gente quiere que esto sea parte de acción por la paz, para bajar la criminalidad . >> familias que han llorado la muerte a causa de un ser querido en okland se reunieron por la paz, que ha estado ausente hace 5 años. >> estas marchas es para hacer parar la violencia, poner luz en lugares oscuros y que nuestros hijos pueden tener un futuro sano. >> y es que la violencia no para, un niño de 12 años, resulto herido mientras que su familia dormia en casa y recibian disparos . >> lograron que las armas
in the distance and then some higher clouds. today a little difference than yesterday. we saw 90s yesterday but already in the upper 50s today. but some cooling will take effect from the date-day sea breeze and also a few high clouds. 60s and 70s as we head toward noontime around the bay. it will stay in the upper 50s at our coast and by the afternoon mid-80s. so numbers cooling back anywhere from two to four degrees today, but still very pleasant out there. we will look for much of this weather to stick with us. we are talking not only the rest of september, but we've got the rest of the weekend to talk about. today we are fine-tuning the forecast coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. >> a federal criminal investigation of chevron's richmond's refinery is underway. officials are examining why chevron allowed hydrocarbon gases to by-passed through monitoring equipment to be burned off or flared. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the u.s. environmental protection agency has launched a criminal probe over the 2010 discovery of a pipeline that routed sulfur dioxide gases around pollution
. >> (♪ ♪) es hora del noticieron en español más premiado noticias univisión 14 fin de semana . >> un jardinero falleció mientras podaba palmara . >> preocupación en la comunidad de san francisco por disturbios en la misión . >> perdidas de encomienda, dicen haber perdido miles de dólares . >> y los gigantes de san francisco ganan la liga, noticias univisión 14 ¡comienza ya . >> que tal muy buenas noches. bg noticias univisión 14. >> un grupo de personas demando a la compañía que sus paquetes no llegan a destino, así que los indignados, quieren saber dónde están sus paquetes, envios de electrodomesticos, ropa, dinero, es enviado por latinos a sus familias . >> estos salvadoreños piden que se nos devuelva el dinero y todo lo que está en la caja . >> pagaron más de 30 dólares por caja de 30 y 30, más lo que hay dentro, son miles de dólares, que envian en mercancía . >> una empresa de encomienda de castillo express, es la encargada de enviar las encomienda. >> transporte de león no paga, y transporte de castillo dice que tienen 30 encomiendas, no responden l
is up, 6:59. it will be gray at our coast. temperatures have dropped into the 40s in some spots. but for the rest of the morning, we are talking low to mid-50s and some upper 50s. then by noontime we will see mostly sunny skies, 60s and 70s. a few high clouds drifting by this afternoon for temperatures of slightly cooler, a little bit more of a sea breeze. we will see mid-60s downtown, 70s around the bay. low 70s for oakland today with mid-80s inland. and this evening a little bit more fog. so we have a railroad fall-like forecast. the rest of it is upcoming. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. >> a federal criminal investigation of chevron's richmond's refinery is underway. officials are examining why chevron allowed hydrocarbon gases to by-passed through monitoring equipment to be burned off or flared. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the u.s. environmental protection agency has launched a criminal probe over the 2010 discovery of a pipeline that routed sulfur dioxide gases around pollution controls. epa investigators want to know who at chevron was aware of the bypass pipe, and
of sunshine and clouds. low clouds right at the coast. high clouds over parts of the bay. mid-40s to mid-50s is where we stand at this hours. passing clouds we continue for the afternoon and temperatures falling a few degrees. subtle changes in store for the back to work monday. i will take you there in a few moments. >>> new this morning, federal authorities have begun a criminal investigation into the chevron refinery and unrelated to last month's huge fire in richmond. comes after investigators discovered the company detoured pollutants around monitoring equipment at the refinery. investigators say chevron was doing this intentionally for four years. air quality investigators say the process allowed gas to burn and pollute the environment without officials knowing about it. >>> tomorrow we could learn more about that big fire at the chevron refinery shut down a crude unit and sent more than 15,000 more people to the hospital. representatives from several government agencies are holding a meeting to give an update on the investigation. that meeting is set for 5:15 p.m. at the richmond memo
the papers with the i.r.s. in may, 2013. >> so i could get money for my (c) (4), use that for political purposes, and nobody knows anything about it till six months after the election? >> that's right. and even then, they won't -- >> that -- >> -- know who your donors are. >> that's my kind of campaign finance restriction. >>> welcome, trevor potter. >> thank you. >> you know that's funny, but it's not a laughing matter by november we'll be drowning in money. this flood just keeps rising. i brought a story in "the financial times." a campaign group backing barack obama is pushing to raise up to $150 million in coming weeks, you know, tit for tat, to counter the republican's financial advantage and an expected advertising blitz for mitt romney. and that just strikes me as an all-out, inescapable arms race. >> in a way, and i know this will sound a little odd that's not entirely a bad outcome for this election. because what -- where we have been is that the republicans have proven they have an enormous advantage of raising money. therefore, they have-and i'm a republican. but the party ha
is the forecast -- temperatures in the '60s but it's going to draw down into the 50s, especially after the sun goes down. the skies will be crystal clear and it will be good football other. the high-temperature today was 69. compare that to the average of 75 and i think you will stay below average for the next couple of days. down to 61 and parsons and 61 at the airport. the temperatures are going to fall off quickly and we will wind up with pinpoint skies and dry air. a little cloud cover showing up most of it is in the far western suburbs. there is even some participation up there. that is going to pass north of us and think should be quite at home. once the sun goes down, it might be cold enough for frost for the first time. temperatures will dip into the '40's but it will be cold enough for frost. sun set at 7:00. by the time you wake up, it's going to be in the '40's. a mixture of sunshine and clouds with high temperatures in the upper 60s. sunrise at 6:56. it will get warmer on tuesday and wednesday, but the chance for rain will go up in the middle of the week. it doesn't look like a big
and still weather + forecast -- your 11 insta weather forecast. we were in the 80's today. it felt like summer here at home. the average high as 76. we made it up to 84. in that heat and relative humidity, we popped off a few digs thunderstorms early this evening. most of the rain down across the lower eastern shore. back in to delaware and heading off the coast. nothing showing up from baltimore. should stay dry around the metro area for the rest of the night. showers and thunderstorms extends around new york all the way down the delmarva coast line. a strong front. a series of cold fronts coming through here over the next 12 hours. this is a main front moving off the eastern shore. there is a piece of energy in the upper levels of atmosphere scooting across the great lakes. three are in a couple of hours. behind this, breezy in school. we will not the kind of temperature they had in the minnesota but maybe it will will out. you're in the 60's here. 49 at in the cincinnati. 47 at minneapolis and st. paul. that is where our weather is coming from from the next 48 hours. it is of into ef
forecast as we move through the early evening hours. a few scattered clouds with in the 60's 70's out of the northwest. coming up, we will look at the with a betterok showers by the middle the week. today was certainly picture- for football. after splitting their first games on the road, the redskins cincinnati bengals this morning. atmosphere out there. it certainly was. a gorgeous day, but fanrtunately a lot of with this loss the day. many fans were excited about this home opener. wasven before the game, it redskins pandemonium. every home game. that home opener? what do they do? >> a sea of burgundy and gold, f them with a third on the back. >> more than the other teams. they certainly got a warm welcome. was a challenging first half. >> our defense is getting last two games. we will see. hopefully, today, it will show up. >> there is something different the air according to fans. that these were true believers team and the young quarterback. >> just being there, the way he carries himself, all him.proud of you can certainly hear the love there. hopefully they will try to come in t
and low even the south bay. a few degrees cooler what we had today. there will be '90s on the map for tomorrow inland. in san francisco, offer '60s. 70's and berkeley and it helped lift up for 70's. low 80s as we get into the north bay. here is a look of the seven bear on the bay. for next week, look for a gradual cooling trend in the more fog, especially by wednesday. by the end of the week we will have a warm-up and store. bachman >>vicki: a big celebration in walnut creek for some survivors parents of premature babies 3 preemie party at john muir hospital. the >> they were all born too soon but with some tlc, a great doctors and nurses, there are now healthy babies. views triplets were born 15 weeks early. all three of them weighed under 2 lbs. 2 lbs. with severa different medical conditions. clearly four years later, they are bouncing about. that is what this celebration is all about. every year the hospital takes a day to celebrate their lives. >> the quality of care we received was outstanding. >> these children are well on their way and as they celebrate life, they do n
. i think this is when we had to start thinking very seriously about new u.s.-burma bilateral relations. burma had certainly started out on the process of democratization. but how far will it go? how sustainable is it? how genuine is it? those are the questions. i think these questions have not yet been answered in their entirety. how genuine is the process. how sustainable it is. it will depend on all of us. first of all it will depend on the people of burma. the people of burma as represented by those in the legislature would have a lot to do with it. we must also remember that the reform process was initiated by the president. i believe that he is keen on democratic reforms, but how the executive goes about implementing those reforms is what we have to watch. and when we think of democracy, we have to think of the three props of democracy. the three arms of democracy. executive, legislature, and the judiciary. we cannot judge how genuine or how sustainable the democratization of burma is simply by looking at the executive. neither can we do it by looking simply at the legis
a few degrees today. we will see 70s and 80s and plenty of sun, but it will be cooler than the 90s we saw in the try valley. and by the afternoon the breeze continues and numbers dropping into the 60s and 70s and 50s at the coast. this begins a little bit in the dip of our temperatures, feeling somewhat more like fall. carolyn. >> a federal criminal investigation of chevron's richmond's refinedry is underway. officials are examining why chevron allowed hadron carbon gases to be by passed through monitoring equipment to be burn off or flared. the san francisco chronicle reports the u.s. environmental protection agency has launched a criminal probe over the 2010 discovery of a pipeline that routed sulfur dioxide gases around pollution controls. epa investigators want to know who at chevron was aware of the by pass pipe, and whether company officials deliberately tried to deceive air callly regulators. chevron fixed the problem and agreed last year to pay a $170,000 fine for air quality violations from 2005 to 2009. tomorrow county, state and federal agencies will give an update on the i
. you called for u.s. intervention into syria. he called for military attacks against iran. at the same time, there does not seem to be the appetite in this country for more intervention, especially military intervention, in middle east countries. what do you think the administration should be doing that would address your concerns? >> the short answer is the u.s. with allies, the arab world ought to be much more actively supporting the opposition to bashar al-assad for humanitarian reasons and for reasons of our values. we believe in freedom for people, not the tyranny of bashar al-assad. i think that would be popular thing to do. in the arab world, as they watch what is happening in syria, if they wonder why the rest of the world why we are standing by. theirs is horrible crisis going through the muslim world. -- there is a horrible crisis going on through the muslim world. the government in libya has been very clear against the attacks, apologizing to the u.s. for the libyans who participated in the killing of the americans. why? and they know we were on their side in the uprising ag
principal. s been an arrest in the beating an attempted robbery of man in prince george's county. strong beatustin the man with a baseball bat last stop.ay at a bus he is facing a number of attemptedncluding murder. the victim is in stable condition. police have made arrests in connection with a stabbing. stabbed in the face. she was taken to a local hospital for treatment. detectives have arrested two people and they are also witnesses of the attack. a mother is dead and police .elieve she knew her killer the suspect is on the loose. >> the screams of shot heard neighborhood today. >> i do not know why. >> police responded to a call of domestic assault. they found marcello rocio y dead in the stairway of this apartment building. died due to a trauma in her upper body. was a wonderful, .onderful woman >> both children were in the was attacked. she say the common-law husband, martire puente-fulcar, is the suspect. detectives have obtained an for first degree murder. >> i do not know his whereabouts. not do >> the couple has lived in this neighborhood for years. a lot of the people w
to win. >> her visit comes just one day after she and dozen of democrats took to the steps of the u.s. capitol to urge republicans to stay in session and deal with unfinished business. congress went on its election break at its earliest point for decades in session for eight days. conversely the day before republicans called on the democratically controlled senate stay in session as well. >>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney headed to san diego today for fund-raiser. yesterday he was in the bay area doing the very same thing. most of that money, of course, will be used for advertising in the swing states. while speaking in san diego, romney indirectly tried to clarify his position on poverty after his controversial remarks about the 47% of americans that don't pay taxes. today he called america's poverty rate a human tragedy caused by president obama's policies. >> we know how to make america work again. he doesn't. i care for all the people of this country. the fact 1 out of 6 people are in poverty is unacceptable. the fact that we have 47 million people on food stamps,
, and they began with a spray color, they started spray a lot of the window. >> ama: protesters broke windows at u.s. bank and wells fargo. the night before they hit the prognosis police station. and officers are standing by we riot gear to help. >> alan: san francisco airport officials say a worker was killed when he drove a truck into a private jet. he was 60-year-old ang of daly city. no other information is being released. >> ama: analysis by san jose mercury news says pension reform is doing very little to end double dipping, which isn't illegal but can cost a community big bucks. that's when retired safety workers receive both a retirement and a paycheck. this man is earning a total of $140,000 a year in retirement pace, and salary as san diego police chief, and redwood city employs chief grosses 350,000 last year by double dipping from a san jose pension in contra costa county; retiring clayton police chief earns a total of $82,000 last -- 282,000 last year. >> alan: a fire broke out in contra costa county. cal fire used the air tanker to drop fire retardant on the blaze. crews managed to get
. >> partial clearing for the afternoon the temperatures in the upper 70's and low-eighties for the south bay. the warm spot, allman in valley with mid-80s. for close to 80 degrees in fremont. the statement of spots close to 90 degrees. san francisco will be close to 70 degrees. here is a look at the 7 day around the forecast. monday, pretty nice. not much of fog, and a lot cooler and less. after wednesday's look for increasing amounts of sunshine and warmer temperatures will cover 70's impossibly low 80s. los >>pam: a big celebration and walnut creek. parents of premature babies through a premium party. >> it is the about depreciation appearance of support from the path -- staff at john muir hospital. it has been watching these once premature babies grow into healthy children. >> ran a their first son apollo was born prematurely, so is their week-old daughter. >> the staff here is wonderful >> children like these are the reason this yearly celebration occurs. >> there is hope for these triplets overborne 15 weeks earlier wang under 2 lbs. each plus a number of medical problems. now
get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. live on campus.... s-j-s-u's open campus has always raised concern for campus safety. what university police say students can do to not become victims... ....i'll have a live report with november's election around the corner, c-s-u's strategy to influence students is raising legal questions... and... we'll show you how a local law school has gained a national reputation for freeing innocent people from prison... update news starts now! hello and welcome to update news... im tim vantress. and i'm briana villalobos... thanks for joining us. three people were injured in two separate on-campus assaults in recent weeks. amanda del castillo has more on the story... amanda... two of the assaults involved students and occurred during the day... san jose is a campus of 30-thousand students, one of those students says she wished she knew earlier about the available safety resources. ">>>nguyen: i wasn't aware that they were even available on-campus, so i kind of waited til like... normal hours, 'cause it happened at one in the morning" senior ho
mccarthy will drop by. he started some of the most popular films of the '80s like "pretty in pink" and "st. elmo's fire." he's going to talk about the amazing journey he has had since then. a big fan? >> huge, huge. do you know his first big break? >> no. >> we'll tell you later. >> you are such a big tease, carl. >>> we will preview tonight's emmy awards as well. >>> we'll begin this morning in afghanistan. the troop surge over there is now over leaving 68,000 soldiers in the war zone, but violence continues to rage in that country. our lester holt is in kabul. the last time were you in the region was almost two years ago. does it feel like the situation there has improved in any way? >> reporter: you know, you don't necessarily get the feel but the numbers will tell you that the nato has trained up over 300,000 afghan security forces. what has changed the surge officially ended on friday. that 33,000 number of troops who were brought in late 2009 into 2010 was now brought down and they're back to the original number of 68,000 u.s. forces here in the country. the thing that struc
bob dole had been the senate minority leader -- majority leader, i'm sorry, as he was a 1990's during the clinton administration or newt gingrich, i would have been able to work out this deal. whether that is the case or not, certainly, the president has a very strong argument that there is less flexibility in the house republicans now than there was during the gingrich era. >> there has been some criticism of the book. guest: i guess this person did not read the book because you repeatedly have themes. for example, when speaker brainer it is considering whether to except more revenue has -- when speaker boehner is considering whether to accept more revenue as the president has proposed, eric cantor goes to his office. and cantor has the ties with the tea party and boehner lays out his proposal for more revenue and steve stone breeze, who is the chief of staff to eric cantor, who is in touch with the tea partyers to say the least, i ask, how many votes do you think you could get for that additional revenue and the speaker says about 170. and he says to him, "you are crazy." tha
of the flight at cbs s f dot com >>> something we used to do from edwards to get back to the cape and happens no more as the space program sinks slowly in the south numbers today in the low 90s in east bay we tell you what happens when we cov,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> beautiful weather in the bay area still warm inland the sun slants in the west current temperatures still warm if you go east, on the coast not so warm. 80 still in santa rosa. 86 and concord livermore in upper 80's. plenty warm, weather had lines warm weather and continues cooler at the beach and koula for everybody mid-week. mount vaca looks nice. clear skies there now. some clouds come in, low clouds pouring through the golden gate keeps the coastline cool tonight. things will not change dramatically, a high over the pacific northwest, a classic summertime pattern we get a wiff of onshore flow but as the low approaches it knocks the high down the numbers will come down. the high clouds tomorrow will deflect some sunlight and keep things cool. as you head out tomorrow it will be nice, mostly sunny skies early temperatures upper 50s low
the sunny sunday, s visitorsod changed a heard the news. we came up to the pan that about thehey told us all felt bad about it. that is that. we came up to the panda area and they told us about the baby. you want your babies to be as they come out. hopefully she will be able to have another one. right now officials are is ok sure the mother physically and a version the lead. they are trying to determine the baby to die. in the meantime, the panda house is closed. e zoo is in a very is in a sense of loss. very emotional and diving. -- and sadening. the younger brother of killed overnight motorcycle accident. kevin jones died after his crashed into a pole in westmoreland county, northeastern virginia. unclear whether or not buth would play tonight, he has takenarned the field to warm up with his team. is not clear if he will be play against the patriots. that is up to the coaches. a virginia woman is behind accused of abandoning her younger daughter in the woods. authorities say she let her daughter in a swampy area. s only three days-one week was found by a person walking in the woods. she is
of staff goes swayback when he was an aide to tip o'neill in the 1980's. he was appalled at the speaker will not call the president back and made the point internally at the white house that when ronald reagan called, the phone call was immediately returned. boehner's argument was that he had to put together a congressional deal. he thought it would affect the financial markets. that is his excuse. president said, "why didn't he just call and say, i am working on it." it was the silence that offended the president and the white house staff. boehner did call and said he was backing out. one of the aides who work with them for years said he was spewing coals like a furnace in the oval office that day. the worry was the president was so furious when he was on the phone that he would literally break the phone. scott pelley asked if he was in a phone-breaking mood. the president said he was very angry. host: you write about it lack of deference on the democratic side, too. why do you think that is? guest: a lot has to do with harry reid, who goes to a meeting with the president on a sunday n
that will help raise us out of poverty. u.s. sanctions had no affeffect. lately in a the last years of military rule, the u.s. sanctions were blamed for all of that economic illnesses of burma and other ills as well. there is great eagerness for the sanctions to be removed. on my part, i do not think we need to cling onto sanctions on necessarily. i want our people to be responsible for their own destiny and not to depend on too much on external props. we will need external help. we will need the help of our friends abroad and from all over the world. but in the end, we have to build a democracy for ourselves. we won a u.s.-burma -- want u.s.-burma relations to be where burma is accountable for their own destiny. in the fields of education and health and humanitarian aid, our system is in a shamble. many of our people are barely educated. 15% of are the children did not go to school at all. of the rest, hardly 80% make it through high school. our educational system is in dire need of reform. we need practical help. our health system is in the same situation. we need a great help with health and
of c.s. and four wins in the pennant series and then the world series. will see these images for days, madison bumgarner also with an rbi tonight the punch out of the padres and pablo sandoval a defense of effort goes up and over to make the staff. a wad of bubble gum and his mouth at the time, up 3-1 in the fourth. and rbi factory scoring two more runs and up to five-one, the last out, there is in the glove of angel pagan 8-4, playoffs are next how about some happy man? >>> that's about right >>> and some this team up with one word, all man, we have fighters, the buzz word on the bench as fight, as they say in spanish i don't know how to say it that is the buzz word on the bench >>> we were thinking about the last road trip were very happy to do this in front of the home crowd let them celebrate with us >>> the giants' most likely against the cincinnati reds, when they get this going, a couple of weeks from tonight, i'll be prepared to put in long hours for this one this will be exciting, like 1993 when all the teams were good, giants niners a's, a great time to be in san francisco.
mostly in the '50s. and a quick tower is in the background. the sciu services co as a woman who like chasing fires. people think of a quick start was designed to look like a fire hose and it wasn't. it in we have the mind is 57 degrees in concord. we 50 in santa rosa. it does not a bad and we have high clouds floating in an cooler at the beach. the talk about that the low pressure is speeding up of the southwestern alaska as pushing in the pacific northwest. that means to get some high clouds today we see them over the bay area. the high will come down in the temperatures will follow suit. is not to be as warm as it was just a. we have out this morning and it be nice. we have a few high clouds for everyone. as low clouds and fog along the shore line. and on the future cast you can see the the high clouds head south of the bay area and in mostly sunny skies and overnight by a time they get here to mormon there be low clouds and the face. and tonight we get clouds moving in. and if you'd be out about is can be in the mid-70s and not at all. that is typical for september and october in
and maryland. looking for a great day to be outside today. temperatures back up to the low and mid60s by late morning, and right around 70 degrees at 1:00 at fedex field, and 1:30 when the nationals throw down the first pitch against the brewers. >> check, great. thanks. new this morning, dc police are investigating a stabbing that sent one person to the hospital. it happened around 2:00 this morning near v street and north capitol street northwest. police do not have information on the attacker in the incident. >> a prince georges county boy is recovering after being attacked by two dogs. the attack happened around 7:00. they say the boy suffered bites on his ear and leg. >> police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a teenager in woodbridge. this is a composite sketch. they say he began asking a 15-year-old girl questions as they were walking near a 7-11. as the girl tried to walk away, he exposed himself and to touched her inappropriately. he is explained as having a black koe tee tied in two braids. a prince george's county man is charged with brutally attacking a 72-year-old m
. 50s. maybe 40s. high 40s by the end of the game. currently hd doppler is clear. the coast is clear. temperature in downtown baltimore, 58. taking a look at your day planner today. that should be sunny. had a typo there. sunny. few clouds and sun. 70. just before kickoff. 8:20 tonight. we start our pregame coverage here around 6:30. mostly clear and cool. 59 degrees by kickoff. we'll take an extended look at your forecast in just a few minutes. >> our big story this morning is a follow-up to the story of a perry hall high school student allegedly shot inside the school a month ago. >> daniel bowery is out of the hospital. yesterday at a fund-raiser for his family to pay for his medical bill, daniel showed signs that he is on the road to recovery. >> a thumbs up from daniel bowery in his first outing since leaving his hospital. the 17-year-old who was the only student hit during a school shooting at perry hall high last month was preparing by doctors to attend a fund-raiser on the bay saturday. >> anybody else would whine, complain and why me. this, that, everything el. all daniel ha
's development, but the east coast was packed with them, and the united states, the continental core of the u.s. was the last resource rich part of the zone that was settled and waterways flowing in a convenient east-west fashion than the rest of the world's waterways combined. so i'm saying that americans -- we're important not only because of their ideas and their democracy but because of where we happen to live as well, and so that's why these things, like mountains matter. the himalayas matter. they have allowed india and china to develop into who completely disstink great world civilizations without having much to do with each other, through long periods of history. >> so let's take that image that you offered of america, this amazingly suitable geographical place with all these great natural harbors and rivers that run the right way, but that was true for thousands of years, and did not lead to the development in what we think of as the united states, to great civilization, outreaching. it wasn't until european civilization arrived and began to make powerful use of those great harbors and
different genries came out to make presentation mys. the book fest is back on tomorrow, noon to 5:30 that is rain or shine. >>> millions grab their pints, yes, to celebrate the world's biggest beer festival. we will tell you about the kickoff to the 179thu! kick offo >>> today, the mayor tapped the first keg to kick off the 179th october-fest. sixç million people are expect to travel to the famous beer garden. officials say last year, visitors drank two million two-pint mugs of beer. octoberfest runs through october 7th.ç >>> picture perfect day for the blue bird blues festival. it had had fun activities for all ages, and jim and tracy helping tov: emcee the event. that was hosted by st. george's community college, and nbc 4 was a proud sponsor. >>> ugly green allergy is at the reflection pool. is trying to determine what to do about it. an overall was completed a month ago. it tanks river water instead of city drinking wall, it is supposed to filter it to keep it clean. the park is fine tuniég the system to fix the algee problem. >>> hate to see $34 million spent to grow al
and the government should give to them. >> the number quoted by mitt romney in the address is correct. u.s. census bureau data published by the "the wall street journal" reports that 49% of american households receive some type of government benefit in mid 2011. that's up from 30% in the 1980s. social security benefits, 16.2% of americans receive them. medicare coverage, 14.9% receive it. food stamps, one in seven households get them. income tax, americans in 2010 who paid none, 46%. up from 27% 20 years ago. unemployment, 23 million unemployed or underemployed today. question, the obama team is trying to spin the video as meaning romney only cares about the top 53%. not the 47% who get government benefits. is this damaging to governor romney? tim? >> absolutely damaging to governor romney. because he is writing off a portion of the population. it is not just that he is talking down to them, like barack obama did four yeersz ago, when he talked -- years ago when he talked about the bitter clingers who clinged to guns and religion, and obama says we can win them over and romney is saying i can't wi
before with a man never afraid to say exactly what he thinks. jesse ventura, the ex-navy s.e.a.l., superstar wrestler and governor of minnesota answers your questions. why he has no time for either the democrats or the republicans. and a surprising theory of who he thinks is behind the anti-american violence in the middle east. and here he is, jesse ventura. good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you. >> come on up. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> i'm good. got to have some water. >> we're going to start with the secretly taped video of mitt romney at a private fund-raiser. let's listen. >> the romney campaign released a statement in response reading -- mitt romney wants to help all americans struggling in the obama economy. as the governor has made clear all year, he is concerned about the money count be on the government, including the record number of people who are on stood stamps and the 23 million americans who are struggling to find work. jesse ventura, you were shaking your head, murmuring obscenities. apparently you weren't impressed. this says half the americ
with information on cbs s f dot com the weather is warm. in concord 87, san francisco 59, look at the range from sfo to livermore that is september and october it gets warm inland. atop mount diablo, it is bumped up edit it rises up a couple millimeters per year because of the thrust fault during the bay area we have cool on the coast but warm inland. it cool at the beach and koula for ever body mid-week in the meantime let's look at what is happening, coastline temperatures cooled clear and mild around the bay, this evening clear and warm inland temperatures still in the upper seventies by 9:00 p.m. tonight a nice night to go out. high pressure will bring some high clouds to the area will bring temperatures down a little bit monday and tuesday, tomorrow still looks warm. one low over the pacific northwest mans a light onshore flow possible. it will continue warm until midweek the high pressure gets a break, that would bring numbers done that week but will be plenty warm in the meantime. 9:00 tomorrow morning patchy low clouds along the beach, bay and in and start out with sunny skies numbers in
, coming up next. >>> temperatures in the 40s and 50s. for the afternoon, that cool. down will bring us anywhere from 6208. chilly start once again. widespread 50s around the bay and inland toward afternoon tomorrow. 85 expected. 79 in san rafael. 88degrees expected in areas right around brentwood. that will be the warmer spots. 79 in san jose. 78 for santa clara. mid-70s for santa cruz. good looking day for van cruz. there is your extended forecast. slightly cooler for your sunday. as we get into the first half of next week, a little change. nice weather in the forecast. low to mid-80s expected inland. mostly sunny skies even at the coast. >> we'll take it. thank you, rosemary. >> thank you. >>> fred junes us now with a look at those giants. >> they can clinch their national league title, the second in three years. so far, so good. the packed crowd was there hoping to see giants put a licking on the padres. giants led 2-1 in the second. his name sounds like a law firm, bumgardn er. he gets some help. sandoval. hey. he is my brother. sandoval blowing bubbles and all, making this play lo
the u.s. spending $70,000 on an ad denouncing the anti-islamic film . secretary of state urging lawmakers to keep billions in u.s. aid flowing in the region. is she right or time to cut them off. >> go in focus with mr. steve forbes who is author of "freedom manifesto" it is a must read book to read . rick unger and elizabeth and rich and victoria. >> steve, is it time to cut them off. >> cut off or partial cut off . egypt and other countries if you can't protect, you shouldn't get free money from us. that is basic. rick unger, it is our mon yewe should be able to decide. and if they can't protect our embassy and treat us with a decency, shouldn't we cut them off? >> the issue is you can't make foreign policy in reaction to short term events. we know it is awful and i will be the first to agree those governments should have protected our embassy. it does no good to have a rahn paul reaction. >> emake >> we did it in north korea and south africa and cutting off the west bank and the gaza strip and done if with honduras in 2009 and ith the sudan. i think the muslim brotherhood is
manipulation when news watch returns. >> a terrorist attack on americans in libya. a troubled u.s. economy and slow job growth here. dangerous defense cuts and mind numbing deficit with no solid plan for a fix. oh, and mitt romney's ineloquent talk with conservative supporters gets recorded on a sneaky cam. which story got the most attention by the ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> the result could be a game changer. >> with 49 days to election day. a candidate for president doesn't want a distraction from his message. but it's happened in a big way to mitt romney. >> today there was political earthquake in the presidential race and all because of the small camera secretly recording on the side of a room. >> let me start tonight, if i were a rich man ♪ ♪ dumb. it one thing to be rich and have a majority of voters convinced you are going to help the rich but what about pandering to the rich. >> jon: just something on mitt romney speaking in florida
of killing the u.s. ambassador. elizabeth palmer is there. his campaign is under fire from fellow republicans, but mitt romney says he's hanging tough. jan crawford and dean reynolds have the latest on campaign 2012. with arizona police now able to demand proof of legal residency, john blackstone shows us how immigrants are planning to cope. >> reporter: are you born here? >> you don't have to answer that. >> axelrod: and hawaii hazard. ben tracy is tracking a dock broken loose in japan's tsunami, now moving towards hawaii. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. the shock waves from that anti-islamic video are still reverberating in the muslim world this weekend. hundreds of protesters battled with police today in bangladesh, and thousands marched in nigeria as well. in libya, a new twist-- attacks on islamic militia groups the residents say the libyan army has failed to control. in benghazi, elizabeth palmer saw the worst of the unrest. >> reporter: the death of ambassador chris staefns and three of his team was the last straw.
've been s talking to. "impeachment of ab abraham lincoln" thanks for joining us on booktv. >> it's my pleasure. thank you very much. .. i think there are a lot of anti-obama folks out there and a lot of books defending the president. i wanted to write a book that described the answer of what i thought was the most important question in and the most interesting question. look at barack obama for a moment as a character. he is a complete fish out of water in a way. he is a guy who has very little executive experience. isn't higher life is that the law professors like turn at the committee table in the illinois statehouse or the u.s. senate or in various meetings but he is never the guy in front of the room deciding, making the hard calls. he has very little if any management experience and then suddenly he is in the most important managerial job in the world. he is president of the united states leader of the free world and so my question was how does he decide? how does he make decisions? how does he govern? not with the content of the positions are but what is his leadership style? wh
logjam. the blackhawks were shot down and u.s. withdrew troops. almost every western government withdrew their troops. so the best armed troops left somalia. in the end the operation collapsed. this was end of '93. beginning of that before we had to run. governments go through these and become risk averse. nobody was willing teth send additional troops and. >> host: you right in the book that everyone that they had been watching it somalia. >> guest: that's correct. it back a lot of the fighters in rwanda tolar peacekeeping information those that we watch cnn . they killed ten dozen soldiers in the belgian. ahead they give instructions to the soldiers to protect only themselves. the commander was left with several water bed to do his work with a whole nation of flame and the systematic genocide to a gun . some governments claim they did not know what was happening. i ask what they do when they found that it was happening? they said ten planes to evacuate their nationals and allowed the war to continue. in the end we blame the u.n. we only to find a better way. of course somalia,
to begin to suspend aid to the u.s. government. there has been a push to do this. i've got one of the interesting things that senator lieberman says was he talked about intervention in the middle east. he thought it would be popular. >> we are out of time. thank you very much. rafallah sahati el-megaref [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> to qe1 senator joseph lieberman tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> when i came, i did not know what an ig did. we seldom would run into the law enforcement arms. theri was sort of a mortgage frd unit. i did not know the big picture of what an ig was doing. when the things i did was go round and meet the igs. , found the inspector general's although they're supposed to be the spheres watchdogs looking out for waste, fraud, and abuse, they had really become like any other agency. it was like their budget, how to preserve their budget. they were worried about class clashing with management. it was a get along type of attitude. i kept hearing that there are three types o
in this in the 80s in lebanon. but the media is too busy pounding on romney. >> media was very busy in the last couple weeks. we do have a presidential campaign. we have a crisis in libya. we have a whole bunch of questions that should be asked about that. >> we know they have one brain. [ laughter ] >> it was a tough week to have a good news story and story, by the way, this muslim country, a country in which most of the people are muslims and they did a good humanitarian thing, guaranteed not to make headlines. >> it should have made headlines gambia, they are trying to clear the jails by killing everybody. it's more than likely the men would have been killed. i suspect these men are apparently west african disscent and a lot of people think it's old news or something. >> i just wondered if it had something to do with the fact that he seemed to get more coverage for these kinds of missions when he was presidential candidate or considered a viable possible president. do you think that has changed? it doesn't seem like jackson's turn in the white house is ever going to come. does he get less at
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